Friday, 11 November 2016

3 ways Mobile Technology is transforming your Finances

Technology is present in the simplest things of our day to day: the time to prepare breakfast, go to work and exercise. From the simplest tasks to the most complexes ones, science has transformed our lives and made our daily assignments easier.
Want a practical example? Finding an accommodation has become simpler. With the help of revolutionary online platforms, such as Airbnb, you can discover better options (also cheaper ones) and make reservations within seconds.

Often, we are so used to the technological innovations that we forget how they facilitated various social, political and economic sectors. If we think about the economic matter we can find examples of how science, especially mobile technology, facilitates the simplest tasks of our routine.

Are you curious to know how managing your money is influenced by technology? Check now 3 ways mobile technology is transforming your finances:

Facilitated banking transactions

No more long queues and hours of waiting! With technology came the improvement of banking services. Nowadays, it is easy to make a transfer between accounts or pay the electricity bill through the smartphone. Not to mention that when you need information from months ago is not necessary to call the customer service center and wait for them to send the documentation by mail. Now, with a few clicks on the phone you can have it!

It's a relief not to depend on paper, isn’t it? There is no more need to store all the information in folders that only served to collect dust in your closet. You can also access your internet banking and change registration data, simulate interest rate, ask questions through online chat and hire a credit line.

Another advantage is that customer service has also gained more agility. It was very annoying to have to rely on phone calls to resolve a problem with the credit card, or worse: having to go personally to the bank to, in the end, find out that it was only a temporary system crash. +

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